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This is a popular topic in my daily life, personal and professional. We get a lot of people in our sober living home who come from out of state and we are always talking about meetings and where to go.

The first thing I want to say about meetings is, they are all different. If you go to one meeting and it’s not the right fit for you, go to a different one. AA meetings are no different than any other place you go, everywhere has its own personality and its own energy. Just like Nordstrom has a different energy than WalMart and Applebee’s has a different energy than Chipotle. We all want to find the place where we fit and feel comfortable.

Many larger AA groups will have multiple meetings per day. If you think about it, this can affect the energy of a meeting as well. If you are going to a noon meeting, there will be different people there than at a 6pm meeting. Noon will be some people on lunch break, some people who are retired, and some stay-at-home parents or entrepreneurs. Because everyone else is at work. A 6pm meeting may be a lot of business professionals hitting a meeting on their way home. None of this is science, just experience. The point is, every meeting is different so be willing to check out a lot of places and time slots to find what is comfortable for you.

I don’t tend to like crowds because I have bad anxiety. Therefore, I am not comfortable in larger meetings. Some of the meetings at my home group get really crowded so you will not see me at those meetings. I got sober at the noon meeting at my group and I like that vibe. It’s mellow, not so crowded it’s uncomfortable, there are some great characters and strong sobriety.

When I got sober, I wanted a meeting that was in a convenient location so it would be easy for me to go every day. I wanted a meeting close to home. I have a friend who works the late shift at his job and he has to go to a meeting on his way to work. So, his home group is nowhere near his house, but it is right on his way to work and they had a meeting in the perfect time slot for him. He leaves early each day and hits a meeting, then goes to work for the night.

There are meetings as early as 6am and as late as midnight. There are groups everywhere, across the city, some large some small, but there is something for everyone.

One of the greatest blessings recently, is a lot of young people’s meetings are popping up. Many of the larger AA groups have at least one young people’s meeting (YP) and Johnson County Community College has one on Saturday nights.

AA Meetings Kansas City are easy to find and here are some of my favorites:

South Leawood AA
Noon everyday
Young People’s Meeting Friday 8:30pm
Speaker Meeting Saturday 7pm

Unity on The Plaza

Northeast Johnson County Group (80th Street)

Keep It Simple
6pm Mon-Fri

Lenexa Group (Little House)
Sunday 8:30am

As you can see, there are plenty of AA Meetings Kansas City. These are just a few that I have frequented over the years and some I go to weekly. You can find a full schedule at kc-aa.org.

It is important to find a place where you are comfortable and you make friends. Remember, we are the same people that you were drunk with at the bar so there is no reason to be scared of us now 🙂

Just go. Relax. And listen.

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