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We are inspired by the power of recovery.


Addiction Recovery in Kansas City

We started as two friends with a passion for recovery. Not only a passion for our personal recovery, but a passion to help others find the happiness we’ve found in sobriety. Paul was on the West Coast providing treatment and sober living resources, and I was in Kansas City in private practice as an Interventionist and Coach. We knew our values  were the same, and we could create incredible services if we put our minds together. We started as a small crew, striving to provide resources, jobs and opportunities in a city I am so proud to be a part of.

We are constantly working to create programs and cutting-edge education that bring recovery closer to the people who need it. The rest of the time, we make sure we are involved in our community, our recovery programs, and giving back. 

We love our lives and what we do, and Kansas City Recovery is our way of bringing you a piece of that.

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