A Recovery Coach has personal experience with recovery.


What Is a Recovery Coach?

Recovery Coaching is a newer addition to the addiction treatment world.

This is a service that has shown incredible results with clients everywhere.

The great thing about a Recovery Coach, is they have personal experience in recovery. These are individuals who are in recovery themselves, have several years of continuous sobriety, and walk the same walk.

We refer to this as a peer-based service because it is truly about one addict helping another, peer-to-peer.

What Does a Recovery Coach Do?

Your Recovery Coach can meet you at Starbucks, meet you at a recovery meeting, help you rebuild your resume or your friendships. These are individual meetings that typically take place on a weekly basis.

Your Coach is someone you work with to rebuild the pieces of your life. 

We offer a variety plans and programs that range in services and length of engagement. There is no long-term commitment required and we can adjust your plan as we go.

How Do I Get a Coach?

Call us! We can gather some information and decide which Coach is the best fit for your needs, then schedule your first appointment!

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