Intervention is strategic. The help of an expert is a must.


Professional Intervention

Intervention is a powerful process that can be the difference between your loved one going to treatment, or not.

Our Co-Founder, Angela Pugh, started her career as an Interventionist with training and mentorship with industry experts and world-renowned Intervention Professionals.

We are not confrontational, we are not forceful or unkind. We are approaching someone we love, in a show of love and support. We are simply having a candid conversation with guidance from an experienced professional.

Intervention is an intricate process and the help of an expert is a MUST. You may only have one opportunity, we can provide the best support and experience for the one you love.

Planning & Strategy

We walk through this time together, from beginning to end. You have access to all of my knowledge and experience as a professional, but also as a recovering alcoholic.

As addicted people, our minds work differently than the non-addicted population.

I can help you explore communication barriers, set healthy boundaries, understand enabling behaviors, and work with everyone to heal and feel better.

The intervention team will be people that love this person and want the best for them.

We can include everyone safely and appropriately.

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The process looks like this:

  • Information Meeting
  • Planning
  • Intervention
  • Treatment
  • Family Care

It takes 4-7 days for planning and getting details mapped out if we work quickly. In an emergency, it can happen faster, however, it will be properly planned and comfortable for everyone.

We want to achieve the best result possible, and we may only have one shot- we want to do it well and do it right.


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