Spring Clean Your Sobriety

Maybe you’ve been sober for years, or maybe a few months. Do you ever get the feeling it’s time for some Spring Cleaning in your sobriety?

It’s time to spruce things up, dust out the cob webs, and give yourself a recovery adjustment.

How do you do that?

It’s easy.

I believe I have to do something on a daily basis to nurture my sobriety. Whether that is going to a 12 step meeting, or talking to another person in recovery, reading a book about recovery or a related principle, teaching someone about recovery, reading an online recovery magazine or website, or watching a movie about recovery… whatever it takes.

Take a minute an take an inventory.

How have your sobriety efforts been recently? Are you doing your best, or are you slacking a little bit? Are you doing the things you know make you feel the best? Are you really committed? Or, are you doing the bare minimum?

Here is the strongest formula for sobriety:

1) Support Group – for many this is 12 Step, for some, it is another version. Whatever your
version, GO. And then, GO SOME MORE.

2) Talk to other people in recovery. EVERY day. A phone call, a text, a Facebook message, I don’t
care what it is just get connected and stay that way.

3) Mentor/Coach/Sponsor – whatever you call the person that offers you support and guidance, and
calls you out on your nonsense, meet with that person OFTEN. Like, once a week.

4) Self-Care – Do something for you. Sit quietly, read a book, meditate, go to a movie, watch a little                  television, eat some ice cream, go for a walk, dust off that bicycle in the garage and get moving,                      binge-listen to your favorite podcast, take your kids to the park or the zoo. Whatever makes you                    happy, relieves your anxiety, and re-charges your soul, DO IT.

5) Be of Service – It doesn’t matter what type of service work you do, just do some. Volunteer for a                  favorite charity, mow the yard for someone you love, buy a coffee for the guy in the drive-thru                        line behind you, make it a point to say hello to people all day long and say thank you as much as                    possible. It doesn’t matter what, it just matters that you do nice things for other people with                            no expectations in return.

Take your inventory from that list. Where are you thriving and where are you slacking?

Spring time is a great time to re-evaluate where you are in your sobriety, and what direction you want to go. If you want to continue on the sober path, then take a look at your actions and tighten things up where you know you could improve.

If you want to BE sober, and STAY sober, you have to take the ACTIONS that support that!

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