We offer a multitude of plans and approaches based on what you want and need.


KCR’s private and individualized addiction recovery programming can be done individually, or as an add-on service for our sober living members.

We know the first 18 months of recovery are a crucial time to build the proper foundation for long-lasting recovery.

We believe the opportunity to create an individualized recovery model allows us to provide a variety of tools and methods to address individual needs, schedules, and beliefs.

KCR understands there is no single approach to recovery that is appropriate for everyone. We offer a multitude of plans and approaches based on what you want and what you need.

We are friendly to 12 Step programs, Celebrate Recovery, and holistic practices. We will help find the plan that works for you.

Sample Plan-
This is a plan for a male, in his late thirties who is a busy CEO of his own company. He has done traditional and non-traditional treatment before but wanted to try something different. We created a plan for “Jay” that included 12 Step meetings, Recovery Coaching, random drug screenings, and life skills work. His Personal Recovery Management plan looked like this:

  • Minimum 4, 12 Step meetings per week
  • Random drug screens
  • Daily contact with 12 Step sponsor (we verify this contact with the sponsor)
  • 1 Relapse Prevention meeting per week
  • 90 minute session each week with Recovery Coach

Life Skills homework each week working on a different behavior or something he wants to improve (one week he worked on time management, one week he worked on being a better husband, one week he worked on listening more than talking, and one week he did budgeting)

Sample Plan
“Vanessa” is a 23 year old female who struggles with trauma and Borderline Personality Disorder. We connected “Vanessa” to a center that specializes in treating those issues then we work with her one-on-one for added support and accountability.

  • Minimum 5, 12 Step meetings per week including one women’s meeting
  • Attendance in outpatient treatment for trauma and BPD (we verify attendance)
  • Daily contact with sponsor (we verify)
  • 60 minute weekly session with Recovery Coach
  • One additional weekly phone conversation with Recovery Coach (10-15min)

Sample Plan
“Taylor” is a 31 year old father of two who has tried 12 Step programs in the past without success. “Taylor” chose the faith-based recovery group Celebrate Recovery, and church, as his road to recovery. We supported “Taylor” and his family as he navigated his new sobriety.

  • Minimum one Celebrate Recovery meeting each week (we verify)
  • Minimum 2 times at church each week
  • 6 hours of outpatient treatment for substance abuse each week
  • 60 minute weekly session with Recovery Coach

Life Skills – Taylor worked on rebuilding his resume and worked on interviewing techniques with a Coach so he could find steady employment at the end of his outpatient treatment

Sample Plan
“John” is a 26 year old male whose addiction left him without a steady place to live in new sobriety. We helped “John” with sober living with KCR when he returned from treatment and helped his probation officer by offering monthly progress reports.

  • 5, 12 Step meetings per week
  • Daily contact with sponsor
  • Sober Living residence for men
  • Random drug screens
  • Weekly session with Recovery Coach
  • Probation reporting (monthly report goes to his probation officer)

These are just a few of the programs we have created to ensure a personalized approach to recovery. We can modify any plan at any time.

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