KCR Sober Living

Rules & Criteria for Membership

Kansas City Recovery is a structured recovery residence. We have an exceptional home, a family atmosphere, and healthy environment in the heart of Kansas City’s suburbs.

If you meet the following criteria, follow our house rules, and are willing to maintain sobriety you are welcome here. If not, please respect the other members and their efforts and come back to us when you are completely ready.


  •  Potential member must be currently clean and sober for a minimum of 30 days. 21-28 days will be considered if coming directly from treatment.
  • Potential members complete an interview/application.
  • Potential member must be male, over 18 years of age.
  • Potential member will agree, in writing, to follow the rules and regulations stipulated by KCR.
  • Potential member will actively participate in a recovery program and meetings.
  • Potential member will agree to random urine and/or breath testing.
  • Potential member will participate in service/volunteer opportunities monthly.
  • Potential member will participate in KCR recreational activities monthly.
  • Potential member will maintain employment full-time and/or student status.

Failure to meet any of these criteria by potential member may preclude him from membership with Kansas City Recovery sober living.


  1. Members will remain clean and sober, participating in a recovery lifestyle daily.
  2. Members will have sponsor or equivalent within 7 days of entering the house.
  3. Smoking in the home IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  4. No abusive behavior, threats of violence, or weapons of any kind are permitted.
  5. No sexual harassment or sexual contact of any kind on the premises.
  6. No drugs, alcohol, or paraphernalia, mood-altering chemicals, or over-the-counter medications not specifically  approved by House Leader.
  7. Members will respect curfew; 11pm Sunday-Thursday, and 12am on Friday & Saturday; unless working, and only with approval from House Leader.
  8. There are no child visits allowed in the house.
  9. Requests to stay out overnight require advance notice for approval.
  10. Members will maintain a clean home and keep their room clean at all times.
  11. There is no eating or drinking in bedrooms.
  12. Members are required to attend weekly Community Group, Sunday at 6pm.
  13. If not currently employed full-time and/or attending school, you must gain employment quickly and utilize down time for additional service/community work.
  14. Members will handle their assigned chores as directed.
  15. Members will attend a minimum of 4 recovery meetings per week.
  16. Members will submit to random breath/urine tests when requested.

a. Refusal to test is considered a positive test and will comply with relapse protocol of possible expulsion.

b. Random breathalyzer and urine tests 2-3x/week and any time requested.

17. Members will respect one another’s privacy and property:

a. Quiet hours between 11pm and 7am. No loud music or any activity that creates disturbance for other members

b. Members will not be in other members’ rooms without permission.

c. Stealing will not be tolerated and is considered disruptive behavior.

d. No weapons or violence.
e. No burning candles, incense, or anything else.